Terre del Conero

Every day the producers of Terre del Conero work hard to obtain the best products. They respect the earth that they love and protect because it is priceless for all of us.

Az. Agricola La Vela nell'Orto (BIO)

The Firm
This certified organic farm is located near Sirolo and covers approximately three acres, cultivated with olive trees, aromatic plants and herbs, including lavender, rosemary, thyme, marigold, mint and the elicriso; they are used to extract essential oils and dry and fresh plants are utilized for cooking and teas. Other products available are: saffron, and vegetables and fruits cultivated in the wild, like sour cherries. The company employs natural methods of weed control to avoid the use of chemicals, produces its own compost and adopts natural farming techniques to save energy.

The Products
Aromatic plants for consumption (BIO), extra-virgin olive oil (BIO).

Where it is sold
Directly from the firm by telephone arrangement.

Address: La Vela nell’Orto di Daniela Cesaroni,
Via Monte Colombo 15, 60020 Sirolo (AN).
Mobile: +39 338 2685510 +39 338 2685510 FREE  
Email: daniela.cesaroni@katamail.com

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Terre del Conero Agricoltori per Natura, soc. coop. agr. Via Peschiera 30, 60020 Sirolo (AN) P.IVA 02474980428
European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development