Terre del Conero

Every day the producers of Terre del Conero work hard to obtain the best products. They respect the earth that they love and protect because it is priceless for all of us.

Az. Agricola Fabio Pianella (BIO)

The Firm
This organic farm extends over 6 hectares of olive groves, in the hamlet of Poggio di Ancona, within the Parco del Conero Nature Reserve. The oil is a blend of varieties from the Marche region, like the Raggia, Carboncella, Il Piantone di  Mogliano, the Orbetana, and the Sargano. It is a medium-strong fruity oil, herbaceous, with hints of almond and artichoke and it has a mildly bitter and spicy taste. As a further guarantee to the customer, the company voluntarily submits itself to inspection by an external body (Agri-Bio-Eco Laboratories Reunited) that certifies the quality of the product and guarantees that there is no mixing of oils that are not garnered from the olive tree.

The Products
Extra-virgin Olive Oil (BIO).

Where it is sold
Directly from the firm by telephone arrangement.

Address: Az. Agricola Fabio Pianella,
Frazione Massignano 134, 60129 Ancona.
Mobile: +39 366 1449350  +39 366 1449350 FREE
Email: fabio.pianella@libero.it

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