Terre del Conero

Every day the producers of Terre del Conero work hard to obtain the best products. They respect the earth that they love and protect because it is priceless for all of us.

Az. Agricola Moroder (Doc, Docg, Igt, BIO)

The Firm
Located in Montacuto in the heart of the Parco del Conero Nature Reserve, the company has belonged to the Moroder family since the beginning of the eighteenth century. Since the 1980s, after introducing new organic methods in the cultivation of the vine – with a strict selection of the grapes and a low yield per plant - and modern winemaking facilities, the company has achieved great recognition, and it as one of the main reference points for quality in the area. Since 2011 the harvest production has been certified as organic. In addition to wine, the firm produces oil, truffles and grappa brandy and runs the farm "Aion".

The Products
Wine: Dorico (Conero Riserva DOCG), Moroder (Rosso Conero Doc), Aiòn (Rosso Conero Doc), Ankon (Marche Rosso IGT), Rosa di Montacuto (Marche Rosato IGT), Candiano (Bianco Marche IGT).

Where it is sold
Directly from the firm: from Monday to Friday 8:30am./12:30am. e 2:00pm/6.00pm., Saturday 8:30am./12:30am. or by telephone arrangement.

Address: Az. Agricola Alessandro Moroder, Via Montacuto 121, 60129 Ancona.
Telephone: +39 071 898232 +39 071 898232  Fax: +39 071 2800367
Email: info@moroder-vini.it
Web site: www.moroder-vini.it

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