Terre del Conero

Every day the producers of Terre del Conero work hard to obtain the best products. They respect the earth that they love and protect because it is priceless for all of us.

Az. Agricola Marconi Katia (IGP)

The company owns farms in Camerano and Offagna: it is composed exclusively of cattle reared in the Marche region and registered in the ‘Libro Genealogico.’ (Stud book). It also produces extra- virgin olive oil and honey.

The Products
Beef (IGP).

Where it is sold
Opening Times: Friday and Saturday 7.30am./13.00pm. e 4.00pm./7.00pm. Telephone: +39 071 8043090 +39 071 8043090 .
Site of the salespoint: Frazione Aspio Vecchio 43, 60020 Ancona.

Address: Azienda Agricola Marconi Katia,
Via Liscia 8, Località Vallone, 60020 Offagna (AN).
Telephone/Fax: +39 071 804197 Mobile: +39 339 7013780/338 8471060
Email: carlo.cap@alice.it e/o info@embryotransfercapitani.com

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Terre del Conero Agricoltori per Natura, soc. coop. agr. Via Peschiera 30, 60020 Sirolo (AN) P.IVA 02474980428
European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development