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The reproduction of the Neolithic furnaces in the Conero

From June 3 to 6 group of researchers from the University of Rome "La Sapienza" leading excavations at the site of the Neolithic in the area of Ancona Poggio carried out the experimental reconstruction of a clay oven, using materials and techniques used in ancient times. It 'was, first, a framework built with hazlenut tree twigs, around which a mixture of clay, sand and straw has been applied . Once dried, the oven will be consolidated with the use of fire, and then it can be put in use. This "experiment" has been very useful in identifying the properties of the different clayish raw materials available in the area and has led to a better understanding of the difficulties Neolithic people had to deal with in processing and cooking. The small cupola oven that has been realized resembles already known structures in Italy from the Neolithic to the Bronze Age that were used for cooking food.

This experimental activity which constitutes a major part of scientific research was made possible thanks to the invaluable support of the agricultural cooperative Terre del Conero. The oven will be used for educational activities with schools that will be held at the Farm Benadduci and Tagliarini

Photo 1: working with clay grinding stone
Photo 2: The implementation of a framework of twigs
Photo 3: the oven nearing completion

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