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Terre del Conero promotes excavations at the Neolithic site of Portonovo

On September 15, 2013 the archaeological excavations above the Portonovo area, Poggio- Ditch Fontanaccia, were taken up again. In 1990 a Neolithic settlement, dating back to 7000 years ago was identified. From 2011 to today, thanks to additional surveys carried out by a group of researchers at the University La Sapienza of Rome, an area of about 200 square meters has been brought to light , a structure composed of 18 cupola furnaces with circular bases , dug along the hillside , varying in diameter and coated with baked clay , as well as residues of cereals, barley , ceramic artifacts , chipped flint stones , grindstones , human and animal remains . This is a very significant finding , since we are unaware of any other sites in Europe with such a similar concentration of specialized structures. This finding demonstrates that there was a significant technical and cultural leap forward on the part of the community of farmers and ranchers in our territory . The shape of the furnaces , in fact, is reminiscent of the current ovens for bread and pizza, which is very common throughout the Mediterranean , while the analyses carried out confirms that they were used to cook food. Therefore this archaeological find allows one to affirm that the ovens were built by communities of early farmers who cultivated cereals and pulses and bred pets.

Twelve archaeologists and scholars, coming from the University La Sapienza of Rome have resumed the excavations. However, thanks to the fundamental contribution of the cooperative Terre del Conero and the Parco del Conero nature reserve, a new model of collaboration has been established between public, and private bodies and universities: The researchers, in fact, have been able to count on the free hospitality for a month of some companies in the sector, thus being able to invest the few funds available exclusively for the preparation of the excavation site. At the end of the work the university is committed to providing the Parco del Conero Nature Reserve with a taste of experimental archeology, which would be a reproduction of the kilns and tools used, as well as providing educational materials for the promotion of the area.

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