Terre del Conero

In this section you will find many interesting facts and insights about our area, its food and traditions. You will also come across many tips about healthy eating, and there are some simple recipes that you can use to enjoy our products.


Our bread is one of the special projects promoted by Terre Del Conero and the Parco Naturale del Conero (Nature Reserve). Our bread is fermented naturally and made ​​with cracked wheat and high quality flours from the crops of the Conero area.

This product is the result of a collaboration between local farms producing cereals that are QM certified (A guarantee of quality from the Marche government) and Organic, together with the Assam- a research body that analyses the samples, and indicates different varieties of grain. It also focuses on cultivation techniques, the mills for grinding and the storage of cereals. A group of skilled bakers, coordinated by a technical expert with wide experience in bakery, also collaborate.

The intention has always been to obtain high quality bread, identifiable with the area in which it was made, thanks to the raw materials used, and recognizable by its shape, flavor and nutritional components.
This is why every step necessary for its production is strictly controlled: we start from making a careful choice of the flours and then we sow the wheat varieties that are most suitable for bread-making and for the making of baked goods. We only use cultivation techniques of integrated pest management and no GMO, which retain the appropriate soil fertility and limit the use of chemical input. Specific instructions are given to the mills in order to obtain high quality flour, which is very versatile and suitable both for the preparation of bread and other baked goods. We also select a type of storage that permits a "natural" conservation of the product. Finally, in order to produce our bread, we use natural yeast that comes from a single strain. This strain was chosen in 2012 in the district of Conero, and obtained through the natural acidification of flour, water and arbutus. And it was this fruit, which is typical of the area, to give the product, in addition to its particular taste, a unique characteristic. The name Monte Conero comes from the Greek name of the arbutus plant, Komaros (κόμαρος).

Our bread ‘Terre del Conero’, which is available only from authorized dealers and bakers and is instantly recognizable thanks to its logo, represents the spirit of the project as it is an integral part of the food supply chain. It is a product of high quality, rigorously controlled, made with healthy ingredients and absolutely local. Being good to nature is good for you.


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