Terre del Conero

In this section you will find many interesting facts and insights about our area, its food and traditions. You will also come across many tips about healthy eating, and there are some simple recipes that you can use to enjoy our products.

Geomorphological and Biogeographical features

The whole territory of the Conero Regional Park is characterized by a particular geology that we can consider unique along the Adriatic coast, that goes from Gargano foreland to Istria.

It is possible to distinguish at least three main areas which we can refer to as “landscape units”:

-       the coastal belt  and its cliffs, composed by two different substrates: arenaceous-marl and limestones, constantly eroded both by the sea and weathering;

-       the hilly area on the inner side of the Park, where we can find arenaceous and marly deposits of Pliocene. The main hills are: Massignano ( 268 metres a.s.l) and Monte  Zoia (262 metres a.s.l.);

-       the Conero mountain, that reaches 572 metres a.s.l., mainly characterized by limestones crossed by a very complex network of faults.

The position of the Conero promontory is very peculiar both from geomorphological and biogeographical points of view. The fact that “Monte Conero” is the only “mountain” of the whole Adriatic west coast, its lithologic composition and the special geomorpological dynamics of the Adriatic area ( which have determined long and varied interchanges of animals species, plant species and habitats, during glaciations), show the high similarity and correspondences between the eastern and western part of the Adriatic Sea, the high grade of environmental variability and richness of biodiversity. 

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