Terre del Conero

In this section you will find many interesting facts and insights about our area, its food and traditions. You will also come across many tips about healthy eating, and there are some simple recipes that you can use to enjoy our products.

Chitarra Terre del Conero with broad beans and sheep's milk cheese

Ingredients for 4 people:
– 250 g di Terre del Conero chitarra egg pasta
– 300 g of broad beans
– 50 g di bacon or pancetta
– salt, pepper and fresh wild fennel
– Terre del Conero extra-virgin olive oil to taste
– White wine and water to taste
– 3 or 4 cherry tomatoes
– mature pecorino

Saute the chopped onion and bacon in a saucepan with Terre del Conero extra-virgin olive oil. Add white wine and simmer until reduced. Then add the broad beans and allow to season; if the beans are large you may want to peel them. Then add salt, pepper, chopped tomatoes and a few sprigs of fresh wild fennel, water or vegetable broth. Cook until the beans are tender.
Boil the pasta in salted water and then toss it in the pan with the sauce. Season with thin slices of mature cheese.

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